Richies Sanitization & Disinfection Services

We are a professional Dubai Municipality approved and licensed disinfection and sanitisation company that will quickly eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Our team can quickly and effectively disinfect, sanitize and deep clean your home or business, so you can feel confident that you’re returning to a safe germ free environment.

Disinfect your home or work place with us now! 

Sanitization & Disinfection Services

The absolute importance of sanitization & disinfection

Viruses and bacteria can contaminate the air and linger on surfaces for days. Regular off-the-shelf disinfectants will only provide immediate and temporary protection. Hence, Professional teams with experience are recommended to prevent exacerbation of virus presence and to achieve a baseline virtually-0% virus/bacteria contamination.

Disinfection Misting and Fogging is recommended to achieve maximum disinfectant coverage and also to cover those hard to reach places. Furthermore, foundational professional disinfection reduces potential cross contamination.

Sanitization & Disinfection Services
Sanitization & Disinfection Services

What's included in our Sanitization & Disinfection Services?

At Richies, we offer our professional disinfection and sanitization service, utilizing only Dubai Municipality approved solutions and equipment which are highly effective for longer-term protection.

Our solution is non-toxic and safe for environments with babies and pets, and safe for kitchen areas as it also de-greases while disinfecting.

• Our solution kills 99.9% Bacteria, Virus, Germs & Allergensns
• Killing mold and toxic spores
• 100% safe and eco friendly professional-grade disinfectant solutions

• Disinfecting of all surfaces of bacteria/virus and other contaminants
• Our professional system lasts for months
• Odour control

Our professional approach & process

Full onsite vulnerability assessment

Sealing and protection of all exposed areas

Application of disinfection solution

Issuance of completion report


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